Fenix Forgeries by Allen Ye Printmaker – Renaissance Replica Prints by Allen Ye Printmaker

Fenix Forgeries makes Renaissance woodcuts and engravings re-made as block prints, serigraphs, and giclée prints. Allen’s 52nd year restoring a wide variety of images from museum collections.

  1. Earthly Delights, a Medieval illumination issued as a limited edition linoleum block print, hand colored.
  2. Rabbit Hunters, a Renaissance print restored and colored giclée print.
  3. Holly, a Renaissance woodcut, restored and colored giclée print.
  4. Foolscap Map, 16th Century. The world in the head of a fool, giclée print.
  5. Rhinoceros, woodcut by Durer, re-made as a serigraph print from a hand-cut stencil

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