Paid Listing

Breaking news: In light of the pandemic, and in order to help us grow, we are WAIVING the annual membership fee for ONE YEAR to the first 200 accepted applicants to the Marketplace. This means that you get one year free on the Marketplace (a $30 value)!

  • Read the Guiding Principles and Terms and Conditions before applying for membership.
  • Do not create an ID on the Marketplace, we will do that for you as we have a format we follow.
  • The Marketplace will generally review applications and respond within 24-48 hours, sometimes much less with a request for photos and other instructions. You will need to watch for an email from ‘’ or ‘’. Check your spam folder if you haven’t received a response within 48 hours.
  • Want to know more about why you should join? Check out our Words for Nerds page.
  • Annual membership fee is $30