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Viking or Fighting Pants

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Our Viking-inspired fighting pants. These custom-designed pants are made from high quality, medium-weight, 100% linen, and are designed to provide maximum movement and durability. Because we use high-quality linen in our pants, these pants are the ultimate in breathability and comfort. Each comes with a leg-lacing, to accommodate a variety of leg sizes, and a waistband with both elastic, and a drawstring, to provide optimal fit. But the best part of these pants is they come with POCKETS... Yes, POCKETS on either side.

We offer these pants in two sizes, Small-Med (approximately 34-42 waist) and Large-Xl(approximately 42-52 waist). Custom sizing is available upon request.

These pants are unisex, and appropriate for just about anyone to wear.

As with all of our clothing, we offer free-shipping to the US, and because most of our clothing is custom-made, normal turnaround is 2-3 weeks, unless we have the item onhand.

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