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Snood in Faux-suede

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Snood in faux-suede
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Ok ladies, we know some of you have challenges in the headwear arena. So many of you might want to wear those lacy snoods, but they don't work for you. Perhaps you have ultra-fine hair and it always escapes, or perhaps your hair is thinning and you need more sun protection than a lace or crocheted snood provides.

We have your solution, because we are now offering high-quality snoods made out of fabric, instead of cord or lace. This prevents your hair from escaping, and provides a high amount of protection from the sun.

Our snoods come in a variety of colors, and are made from our lightweight polyester faux-suede fabric (sueded on one side, satiny on the other). Each snood is complemented with a decorative ribbon or tie that secures the snood in place in the back.

As with our other products, these are manufactured by skilled artisans in the US, not in a factory, and are unique to us since we created the pattern.

Production time is expected to be no more than 2 weeks, and usually much less.

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