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Are you a gifted artisan that is looking for a place to showcase and sell your items?
Do you wish there was a place you could sell truly custom items?
Do you want a place where your products don't have to be pre-made, but can be made specifically for your customers?

Then this is the place for you!

Our business model is designed to be very artisan-friendly, and we cater to artisans that are just starting to sell on the internet, as well as those that have been online for a long time. Here are just a few differences between the Marketplace and other typical online sales venues:


Other online stores

We provide personalized service. We partner with you to create the most attractive listings.
You create your own listings
We don't charge for extras on your listings. Our standard listing already includes all of the options.
Some online stores have option after option, and by the time all those options add up, it's far more money than our standard listing fee.
We don't charge you for listings until you have made sales. In other words, we deduct your listing fees from your sales, then pass on the net-proceeds to you as noted below.
You are charged listing fees whether or not you make a single sale.
We don't expect you to have the product made and ready to ship. Since we specialize in custom offerings, we understand that it may take time to get the product ready to ship. We note delivery timeframes in our listings, and our customers should understand it will take time.
Items sold should already be made and ready to ship. Truly-custom items are not really supported.
Downloadable products are available with the standard listing fee, no relisting fees are charged.
Downloadable products are available, subject to relisting fees.
We expect our artisans to create only the highest-quality products.
Anyone can list items.
No manufactured goods. We believe there is a huge difference between what our artisans make, and what is made in factories overseas.
So-called artisans can order and sell products produced in factories overseas.
We offer two plans for selling, a traditional consignment model such as you would get at a brick and mortar store, and a wholesale model.
Percentage based model, plus listing fees.
Total fees are slightly higher than other stores, but we provide personalized service.
You're basically on your own.
We can help market and promote your products, both to those customers that have purchased your products in the past, as well as marketplace customers in general (additional fees may apply).
No marketing support.
We handle all customer service issues, as well as any issues involving the payment gateway. We act as a go-between for the artisans and the customers.
You handle everything.

Ready for more information? Click on the following links to find out more about the Marketplace. You will be taken a 'OneDrive' form to complete the Artisan Application. Applications are typically reviewed within 24 hours, and you will be assigned an artisan number through email. Once you have that, you need to submit some photos of your work to complete the acceptance process.

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