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Archer Shoulder hood in Faux-suede

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Archer Shoulder hood in Faux-suede
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Our Archer's Shoulder Hood is designed to complete just about any costume. Can you imagine walking around in this cool cowl, which covers the shoulders as well as the head, giving just the right amount of covering to shade your face, keep your head warm, or conceal your identity. Note: Shown here in flannel, but the style remains the same.

Our hoods are designed to be multi-functional, able to be used when you're doing cosplay, LARP, Ren Faires or other events. But, they are just a usable in a modern setting or when its cold outside. They are even functional in hot, sunny areas, because they keep the sun off of you, and when wet, can help keep your entire head and shoulders cool at the same time.

We have several colors available, all of them made from our lightweight, polyester fabric, with one side faux-suede, and the other a satiny surface..

Most importantly, each of our products is custom made right here in the US by talented artisans. Don't rely on cheap imports, our cowls are designed to last for years of use.

Production time is expected to be no more than 2 weeks, and usually much less.

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